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Coal breakers were once a common site in Pennsylvania's anthracite coal region.  Fed by a conveyor belt, they were vertical processing facilities to break the coal down into a convenient size, and washing and otherwise removing rocks and other impurities.  The Huber, or Ashley Breaker, just south of Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, is the last remaining of its kind. An example of industrial and aesthetic modernity when built in 1939, it was obsolete and shut down in the mid 70s when the anthracite coal market finally collapsed.
Huber Breaker Complex in Fall of 2010
Huber Breaker
Huber Breaker Exterior
Huber Breaker
Looking up at Breaker
Retail Coal Storage Bins
Looking down on the loading area from the top floor of the break
Roll Crushers
Interior scene
Rotating Machines
Output from Shaker
Stained Glass
Sunset Through the Huber Coal Breaker
Stained Glass
Cinder Pile Underneath a Boiler
Wooden Pulley
Seal and Pipe Abstract
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